The National Library’s collections consists of about 18 million objects, stored on 173 kilometers of shelving, and nearly 10 million hours of sound and moving images.

The majority of the National Library’s collections can be found in the two online catalogs Regina and the Swedish Media Database (SMDB). You are welcome to send e-mail, phone or ask the library staff if you have any questions.


Regina is the National Library’s online catalog for printed material and electronic publications. To some extent it is also possible to find manuscripts, maps, pictures, printed music and ephemera. In Regina you may apply for a Library Card as well as request material from our closed stacks.

Swedish Media Database (SMDB)

The Swedish Media Database (SMDB) is a search service for the Audiovisual Collections at the National Library. The database contains information about TV, radio, video, movies presented in Swedish theaters, CDs, and multimedia.


LIBRIS is a Swedish national online catalog for material held by Swedish university- and research libraries and some public libraries. Sometimes it is better to first do your search in Libris but request the material in Regina.

The Sheaf Catalog -1955

The Sheaf Catalog -1955 is the National Library’s card catalog for printed literature through to 1955. The catalog has been digitized and is ordered alphabetically and systematically. The catalog is in Swedish.

Other search services

Kulturarw³ is a Swedish web archive which started in 1997 with the intention of collecting Swedish websites. For copyright reasons it can only be accessed at the National Library.

With Sondera search service you can carry out a simultaneous search in the National Library catalogue LIBRIS, in the database for the Swedish archives, NAD and in the Swedish Media Database, SMDB.

Ediffah is a national search service for manuscripts and personal/private archives at the National Library as well as other Swedish research libraries.

SwePub makes it possible to search among articles, conference papers, dissertations etc. published at Swedish universities and authorities.

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