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Navigating and Using the Site

To navigate the website, use the five main categories which you can access via the horizontal navigation menu. When you click one of the categories, the subcategories will be displayed in the left-hand menu.

The site is organized into five main sections:

  1. Our Collections describes all the printed material the National Library has collected since 1661
  2. Find provides resources for finding books and other materials via Regina, LIBRIS, databases, etc.
  3. Visits & Loans contains practical information for visitors and information about how to borrow books, periodicals, and other materials at the National Library
  4. Services contains information about the services we offer at the library
  5. About Us contains information about the National Library organization and our activities. It also includes News & Events with information about the National Library, our exhibitions and evening programs.

Additional Navigation Tools:

  • The Site Map, which gives you an overview of how site content is structured (the three top levels)
  • The "Contacts via Sujects A-Z", which lists subject matters with contact persons in alphabetical order
  • Search Function

All of these tools are found at the top of every page of the site. The page header also presents a link to the Swedish-language site. The English site presents selected information for English-speaking target groups and is not a mirror of the Swedish site.


Material taken from the kb.se site may be duplicated and distributed on paper and electronically via websites as long as you comply with the following rules:

  • Text, pictures, graphics, audio clips, and other material on the site is protected by the Swedish Copyright Act (1960:729) 
  • The material may not be used for publication in other contexts. Contact the Web Editor if you have questions
  • You may not copy such material for sale or rental without permission. Contact the Web Editor and specify how you want to use the material
  • The site is continually updated, so please state the source and date you retrieved the material
  • The material may not be used in contexts where it might be misunderstood, misinterpreted, or cause harm to the National Library.

Link Policy

If you wish to provide a link on your site to kb.se, please comply with the following rules:

  • Provide the link to the site in a neutral manner
  • Do not use the National Library’s logo without permission to link to our site. This policy is intended to prevent confusion about who is responsible for the information on the site containing the link
  • Avoid "frame linking", i.e. do not link so that the site is placed within the frameset of another website
  • Do not link in contexts where the purpose of the National Library’s holdings is distorted, since the library may be associated with the content on the site containing the link
  • Do not link in a way or context that puts the library's information at risk of being misunderstood
  • The National Library disclaims all liability for the information found on websites to which we provide links.

Download Files

The file formats used on our site and the programs you can download free to view the information are listed below. Microsoft Viewer is a free program that makes it possible to read these files if you do not have the programs.


Click the Print icon at the top right (above the text) on every page. This prints only the text, without the navigation. You can also use your browser's print function.


Links to kb.se pages always open in the same window, but links to documents on the site (PDF, .doc, .xls, .xls, .ppt) open in a new window.

External links (links to other sites or services) always open in a new window. This is specified in the link’s alternative text (ALT Text).


The site is designed to work equally well even if you cannot or do not wish to see the pictures. If you have a slow Internet connection, for instance, you may choose to suppress the pictures in your browser so that pages download faster. For that reason, all pictures that have any connection to the content or function of the site are marked with alternative texts, which are called “ALT Texts.”

You can see the ALT Texts in many browsers if you let the mouse pointer rest on the picture for a few seconds. The texts are shown if the pictures are not displayed in the browser and are reproduced by many different types of assistive aids for people with disabilities.

Legal Responsibility

The National Library’s Communications Director Sara Bengtzon (e-mail: firstname.lastname@kb.se) has overall responsibility for the information presented on the kb.se site.


If you have comments or questions about the content of a page on the site, please contact the Content Manager (name and contact details are provided at the bottom of every page).

The site is continually developed and your viewpoints are very important to us. We appreciate your opinions and ideas, since they will help us make the site even better. If you have questions or run into problems when you visit the site, you are welcome to contact the Web Editor by e-mail at redaktion[atsign]kb.se.

Last updated: 2008-05-08
Contact person: Peter Axelsson, e-mail: firstname.lastname@kb.se
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