The labour movement – digitized

Collaboration with the Labour Movement Archives and Library.

Since 2006, the National Library and the Labour Movement Archives and Library have been collaborating on digitizing and cataloguing the entire stock of sound and film in the collections of the Archives. A time-consuming process that has involved work with no less than ten different sound media such as wire recordings, Dictaphones, reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes. The project is now complete, and the collections are available at both institutions.
A search of the sound collection on the Swedish Media database yields over 12,000 hits.

Party leaders and factory workers

The main part of the material consists of sound recordings from congresses, meetings, and debates, but there are also interviews with volunteers from the Spanish Civil War, recordings from the Sweden-USSR Friendship Organisation, and the Swedish Committee for Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Besides the recordings of major politicians and representatives of the union movement, there is also a large amount of material based on interviews with workers from different professions. You can learn, for example, what it was like for an industrial worker, a domestic worker, or a cleaner during the early 1900s.

Unique research material

From a research perspective, the material is a goldmine. In combination with the other collections of the Labour Movement Archives and Library, this collection will provide new approaches to how modern Sweden developed.

Contact person: Åke Nyke, e-mail: firstname.lastname@kb.se

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