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The National Library of Sweden co-organizer of international conference on insider theft

[Press release] On Wednesday, Sweden’s national librarian Gunilla Herdenberg was able to retrieve two additional books of the some sixty or so identified as stolen from the N...


Manuscripts on computers

Collaboration on digital personal archives


One million scanned pages.

Digidaily digitizes Swedish newspapers.


Wytfliets Atlas has been returned

The first of the books that were stolen from the National Library of Sweden ten years ago has been returned. The book, Wytfliets Atlas, was published in 1597.


The labour movement – digitized

Collaboration with the Labour Movement Archives and Library.


Translating the soul

Reflections on Tomas Tranströmer's poetry


From Grolier binding to book object

The history of book bindings in pictures


The National Library celebrates

350 years since the first Swedish legal deposit law.


Requests for IFLA to clarify its position on Open Access

IFLA is called to take an explicit and clear stand on Open Access and develop a strategy for action.


New Open Access policy

The National Library of Sweden has adopted an Open Access policy to promote maximum public access to cultural heritage as well as to scientific knowledge.


Stieg Larsson in our collections

There are two unpublished short stories by Stieg Larsson in the National Library’s stack areas.


Digital task

The National Library of Sweden is one of approximately 50 institutions that will submit documentation to the government concerning the digitization of the future. The governm...


New search engine for Swedish research

In SwePub, it is easy to find any written Swedish research.


An open knowledge society

Gunilla Herdenberg finds the new mandate exciting and even if there is currently a lot of focus on structure and groundwork, she has a clear vision:“I want all publicly funde...


Preparing for a difficult situation

Gunilla Herdenberg is Head of the National Cooperation Department at the National Library of Sweden and the person who, together with National Librarian Gunnar Sahlin, will m...


National Library of Sweden – the hub of Swedish libraries

The National Library of Sweden will now draw up an action plan for the coordination of the entire library sector.


Archiving the Web - New Perspectives

The National Library of Sweden, together with Internet Archive, was the first player to introduce organized web archiving at the end of the 1990s. Since then, the web has dev...


A step forward

The Deputy National Librarian at the National Library of Sweden, Magdalena Gram, is happy to announce that the report is finally being presented:“It’s the first step forward ...


A step closer to e-legal deposit

On 16 November, the report of the electronic-legal deposit committee was submitted to the government. The National Library of Sweden is heavily involved. The National Library...


The National Library of Sweden in talks with SVT

Negotiations are currently in progress with regard to more in-depth cooperation concerning the archiving of audiovisual material.


More and more e-books are being lent out

4.2 million e-book downloads and 3.2 million loans of printed books.


The Present Becomes the Past - IFLA Newspapers Conference

Conference at the National Library of Sweden, Stockholm 19-20 August 2009


Open Access to Scientific Works of Nobel Prize Winners

Key publications related to the most important scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century may become openly accessible online.


Important donation to the National Library

Paul Lipschutz amassed one of the largest private poster collections in the world.


Unique Thoreau letter discovered

A unique letter written by the American author Thoreau to his colleague Emerson has been in the National Library's collections for over sixty years without anyone knowing abo...


Organizational changes at the library

The National Library of Sweden and the Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images consolidate. As the boundaries between media get erased, a new organizatio...


The Devil's Bible returns

After being on display for six months at the National Library in Prague, the Devil's Bible has returned to the National Library of Sweden.


Donation of soprano archives

The National Library has received the personal archives of the renowned soprano Birgit Nilsson as a generous donation from her family.


Changes in our English website

The site has a new design and navigation system. It has been developed according to the same standards as the Swedish website.


Selma Lagerlöf 1858-2008...

The National Library is displaying parts of its Lagerlöf Collection to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Selma Lagerlöf's birth.


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